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At A1 Kids we aim to provide a home away from home environment where children learn to love to learn. We take pride in our respectful, warm and welcoming learning environment which encourages children to learn through free play. These play opportunities help children develop their imagination, creativity and develop to their fullest potential as well as enhances their emotional, physical, intellectual and social skills, in other words, their ‘holistic development’.


We value the knowledge children bring to the centre. Activities based on their interests motivate their learning. This fosters a love of learning, curiosity, affection and self-direction. We believe all children are competent and capable and can take a control of their learning. Therefore, we provide them with a range of open-ended resources and let them have autonomy in their learning environment. 


We believe that children learn best when they feel safe. At A1 Kids warm reciprocal, responsive relationships are promoted where children’s well-being and sense of belonging is an important aspect built through meaningful interactions and learning opportunities. Our professional and knowledgeable team interacts with children in a warm and loving manner which enables them to feel comfortable and secure, trust their teachers and lays the foundation for lifelong learning, ‘learning to love to learn’.


Our environment and curriculum is inclusive to all regardless of ethnicity, ability, age or gender and where children develop an awareness of our society’s cultural diversity. We recognise the unique place of Maori as tangata whenua, giving tamariki the opportunity to develop knowledge and an understanding of the cultural heritage of both parties to Te Tiriti o Waitangi. Teachers reflect this in practice by ensuring programmes include tikanga me ona Te Reo Maori (Maori customs and language). 


We strongly believe that whanau play a vital role in children’s learning. We value this relationship and believe that open communication and positive   staff-whanau relationships within the centre are important in sharing their vision and aspirations for their children. Therefore, we provide an open environment in which whanau are encouraged to be involved in all aspects of our centre, supporting our commitment to partnership with whanau in the interest of their children.

OUR ERO Report can be viewed here.

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